Renovations & Restorations

Shabby to Spectacular

Patio Before Patio After

Decrepit structures can seem out of reach due to the high costs of repairing or replacing them. We can work together to come to an affordable solution to fit your budget.

Authentic Concrete Pedestals

Pedestal Before Pedestal During Pedestal After

This is a service we provide which has endless possibilities and uses. They can be featured in structural design of any building, landscaping ideas, gates, fences and gardens. Let us know your creative ideas and we can help convert them into reality.

Blistered to Beautiful

Stairs Before Stairs After

Creatively covering the unrepairable is one of our most favourite tasks to unfold. Mainly because of the rewarding feeling it gives our clients that the unimaginable becomes a reality. Complimenting your entrance to your home, yard or business, we have limitless ideas for you.

Unique Interiors

Custom Cedar Ceiling Custom Interior Walls

Renovate your home or business, create an atmosphere within your surroundings that cries with compassion and releases the positive energy within you and everyone that walks through the door. This is a very joyful task for us! Turn your four walls into a full expression of yourself.